Thursday, June 12, 2014

Went to an adult ball in March 2014.  Was fun to get dressed up again, but true to our reputation, Kauokalani belongs behind the microphone and I belong on the dance floor.  The two of us on the same side equals ......somebody's toes being stepped on.  Actually we crashed into each other!

This was taken the day after Thanksgiving 2013 during our Newtown 1st Ward Temple Trip where our entire family was able to attend.  Kauokalani and I are so blessed to have wonderful children.  Soon (Sept 2014) we will add one more to our family.  From left to right:  Kipakuhia (16), Pua (19), Kauokalani, Samantha, Kaili (22), Kaenamoku (21), Kala (14), back row: Mei-Rose (10), Keali'i (6).