Sunday, February 26, 2006

Test Results

We are both happy and sad about the test results. First let us tell you all that Mei-Rose has beaten all the odds so far. Her bone scan reveals that she has no more lesions on her skull or pelvic bones. It also shows that most of the lesions are gone or smaller in size. However, the lesions that are on her legs and arms are still there, causing Doctor Glaser to do more research for her treatment. It was explained to me our two options. First- If she continues chemotherapy treatment for 6 more months, the chances of the lesions returning are 20%. Second- If we choose not to continue the chemotherapy treatment the odds of the lesions returning are 50%. Either way she will need another bone scan and skeletal survey in three months to check progress. There is no way to know where they would "attack" next. If her spleen or liver are affected, fatality rates increase. However, we are sure that the chemotherapy has worked to eliminate and lessen the lesions. Therefore, the sad news is that Mei-Rose will be going through another six months of chemotherapy. We are grateful that she tolerates the treatment and doesn't have too many side effects from the Vinblastine. The prednisone is a different story but it is short term. She will begin on Friday March 3, 2006.

On a side note, Grandpa Steamboat had a series of small strokes that landed him @ Queen's hospital. Some of the food he was eating at the time, went into his lungs and he had pneumonia. If that wasn't enough, the stroke medicine that they have been giving him caused stomach ulcers and vomited blood for approximately 24 hours. He remains @ Queens and is unable to walk without assistance. He should be going home soon.

Monday, February 13, 2006

February 17th

We are so sorry for not posting anything sooner. Mei Mei has finished her Chemotherapy and will have a Bone Scan on February 17, 2006. It requires sedation and she will be at Kapiolani for most of the day. The results of the bone scan will determine the next steps in her treatment. She seems to be getting better everyday. We look forward to telling you about the great results on Friday or Saturday this week. A Hui Hou.