Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hey it's been a while

Well - it's been a few months since the last post...okay so maybe a bit longer but you have a few kids in the house and you can't help but be a little distracted from internet stuff. Ka'ili has graduated from MBTA and is going to school across the street from Mom's office. Samantha is the new District Manager for H&R Block. It's been a trying year helping her worry less about home and more about managing for a little bit. The kids are all growing older and getting bigger. Moku has more awards for his animation projects at school. The latest HMSA video award has him doing a transformer thing with a car-very much something most people don't think about a high school kid doing. Kipakuhia got himself into Kamehameha Middle School! The whole family is excited about that - now we just gotta keep him on track to stay there! Kind of feels like Jarom or Omni - a couple of the books following Enos in the BoM. - Aloha. KM