Thursday, August 25, 2005

Week 4 pau!!!

Mei-Mei had her 4th treatment on Wednesday. The EMLA cream didn't stay in the bandage as well as the other times so there was a little poke involved. She cried but was okay soon after we started giving her the meds. She seems to be hungry all the time. Her face has become rather "round" and chuncky. She still has all her hair which means she probably won't lose it. Wednesday night she slept all night. She didn't cry and didn't even change position. She was able to relax and get the needed rest. The medication that seems to work the best is MOTRIN. We have another medication that is stronger if we need to use it. We all got a good night sleep last night and hopefully tonight we can do the same. Mahalo for all the support.


At 27/8/05 4:13 PM, Anonymous Ron & Pattie said...

Mei-Mei and all of you are in our prayers. Hope her treatments have continued success. See you in September!
Ron & Patti Machado
Santa Cruz CA.


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