Thursday, August 04, 2005


Kaili and Mei Mei just before the meds at Kapiolani.

Mei-Rose had her first Vinblastine treatment on Wednesday. The three hour ordeal was that long because her chemotherapy medication was not ready for her. She was more upset about the wait and the nurses than the actual needle that went into her port. As she gets more comfortable with the nursing staff at the P.A.U. unit, she will probably become a pro at this.

So for those of you who are interested, this is how it works. At least 1 hour before her appointment we apply a cream called EMLA, on her port site and place a clear bandage over it to keep it from running all over. The cream numbs the area. At the appointment, through the site, the nurse cleans the site (the excess cream). An access needle is inserted directly into the port. Blood is taken for a series of tests and then the medication is administered. The nurse then flushes with saline and then an Heparin flush. When the needle went in she didn't even know. She didn't feel a thing. We certainly recommend getting a port to anyone who needs to go through a chemotherapy treatment. * Next time, we'll get a picture of the process for you.

Mommy on the other hand didn't do as well as Mei. We think that reality has set in and that the sleep deprivation has finally taken its toll. Things will be okay. We all have faith that our prayers will be answered. Ka`ili went to the State Race in Maui and placed ninth out of 14. Her crew was right with the pack so that is pretty good. Her club, Hui Nalu place third in the AAA division and her crew contributed 7 points toward that total.

This coming week the kids at Pearl City Elementary School will be in their 2nd full week of school. They like the school and the teachers. I am so happy that one of my classmates from Koko Head and Kaiser is Kala's teacher.

Oh-congratulations to Kaenamoku who wins the reward for finding Mommy's cheap all purpose digital camera that Kala hid and couldn't remember where he hid it. (wow that weas a run on sentence!!!!!) Now you can enjoy more pictures. Until then, aloha.


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