Thursday, August 18, 2005

She gained weight

Mei-Rose went for her third treatment. She has managed to gain almost 5 pounds since she has started the prednisone two weeks ago. She seems much better with the nursing staff and the general trauma of visiting the hospital once a week. We are trying to adjust to Mei's appetite. She eats constantly. She is really grouchy and crying most of the day. Distraction works but we run out of things to distract her with. Dr. Glaser has prescribed her some stronger pain medication. She has been experiencing jaw pain that is a side effect of the medications that she is taking. She should be able to sleep better. Now that school has started and our schedules are meshing, there seems to be a more steady beat that we march to. Sometimes , someone will step off beat but they are still in line. We are all just really tired but still hanging in there. This morning as we were pulling kids out of bed, we both had to stop and think about the date. We both had no clue that today was our 16th wedding anniversary. Wow. Talk about tired. Oh well. The one that usually forgets wasn't alone this year, and is off the hook!!!! Mahalo Again for your prayers.


At 19/8/05 6:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you have many offers of help, but I am a good babysitter.
Love to you all, Mary 262-8512


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