Sunday, July 03, 2005

Well here we are-the whole gang of 8. This is another chapter in our family's ongoing saga. Much to the disappointment of the older kids, we've moved our family from Maui back to Oahu. We're now living in Pearl City where we are busy as ever. Kaili and Moku are in their second years at an internet based school. The younger kids will be starting at Pearl City Elementary this year and Mei-rose will be the focus for our family this year as we'll later post in this blog. For your info the line up is as follows: Front row: Kipakuhia (8yrs), Kalaolinomaikalani (5yrs), Kahiliopuanaluahine (10yrs)
Back row: Kaenamoku (13yrs), Samantha (not eligible to paddle in the Masters event yet), Kailipakalua (14yrs), Mei-Rose (20mos), Kauokalani (11 oops).


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